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Article explains the crucifixion of Jesus, why did Jesus die, why Jesus was arrested and what he was charged with, and what Jesus himself said about the purpose of his death and resurrection.

But on this occasion, my stressed mind played me a trick, and I found myself lost.. We reflect on how we've lived when we are about to die.

"This is a serious question. Enjoying a delicious meal is a bliss. The three of us couldn’t cook. It is very hard to use spice." [You You Min] "But I heard the higher your cultivation, you don’t need food anymore?"

One of the essential things to do before you die is to prepare a "When I Die". Why You Need to Make a 'When I Die' File-Before It's Too Late.. I didn't know how to start, so Brandt prompted me: “What would you want to say.

Posted by Anonymous on 2014/10/23 under Uncategorized . Sometimes I wish life could be easier then what it is right now. Going through same pain nd sadness again nd again makes me weaker. Sometimes i feel to take the easiest road to skip all this. sometimes i wish to die.

To leave the hurt, pain and sorrow behind me even just for a moment. I wish it were that easy I would have already done it.

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i feeling really down when i wrote thisI want to die I dont know why ,all this sadness is leaking from my eyes, I want to do suicide, I want to cry out to whom I hate in my life, but I want..