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The little bird just sat there and blinked a lot, and looked around a bit, then did a little bird poo, and fluttered away to join his family in the bushes. Perhaps I’m weird, but I have always thought that the odds of me spotting the babies leaving the nest was slim, maybe 20/1 at best.

The New Zealand Official Yearbook is a basic source book on the facts and figures of the economy. In addition, it describes the geography of the country and enumerates statistics of the population, their health and education, their employment and their production.

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"$130 Trillion – What We Owe – About that trillion national debt: Get ready to tack some more zeros onto it. Taken alone, the amount of debt issued by the federal government – that $14 trillion figure that shows up on the national ledger – is a terrifying, awesome, hellacious number.

"Epic art is founded on action, and the model of a society in which action could play out in greatest freedom was that of the heroic Greek period; so said Hegel, and he demonstrated it with The Iliad: even though Agamemnon was the prime king, other kings and princes chose freely to join him and, like Achilles, they were free to withdraw from the battle.

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College Station Bryan: Apr 23, 2008 Things to Do on Long Island, April 9 Through April 17 – April 22 through 23. $17. The Brokerage, 2797 Merrick Road. “Man Ray’s Rayographs: Photographs Without Camera/ Step Into the Shadow Station, using objects to create compositions on a projection.