7 States With the Most Underwater Home Owners

As of Q1 2010, 14.75 million owe more than their house is worth: http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2010/07/negative-equity-breakdown.html. That would be a third of.

– About one in seven homeowners with a mortgage (15.4 percent) have some equity in their home, but likely not enough to sell and comfortably use the proceeds for a down payment on another home. – Detroit has the largest share of deeply underwater homeowners, who owe twice as much as their homes are worth.

Living In A UNDERWATER HOUSE For 24 Hours! Svenja Gudell, senior economist at Zillow, explained in an interview with 24/7 wall st. that the markets with the highest rates of underwater borrowers are in trouble now because of the rampant.

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Per CoreLogic, here are the top five states that, on average, contain the most underwater properties. top 5 States for Underwater Mortgages Nevada: 65 percent of homeowners are underwater

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I-REFI Provides Relief for Underwater Homeowners. report, 7 percent of homes in Winnebago County are currently underwater with their mortgages.. "The thing that surprised me the most about it is that it rewarded people.

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Miami leads. of mortgaged homes underwater, followed by the Tampa area with 10.2 percent; the Chicago area with 10.8 percent; the Washington, D.C. area with 7.2 percent; and the New York area with.

5 Facts About Underwater Homeowners. the data analytics firm offered a broad overview of the state of the underwater mortgage market. What follows, in turn, are five of the more telling facts I.

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While the rate of underwater borrowers continues to decline, many cities still. About one in seven homeowners, or 15.4%, have some equity in.

Florida saw more than 2,600 homes built in flood-risk areas during that time, and seven more states exceeded. they think.

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